As always I am happy to present to you my latest offerings of tried-and-true classics alongside a number of interesting and unusual novelties.
As you may already know, various strains of Xylella fastidiosa have recently entered the EU. The Xylella bacteria is causing a variety of diseases with huge impact for agriculture, public gardens and the environment. Therefore EFSA (The European Food Safety Authority) put in place emergency measures, in June 2015, in their quest to keep Xylella fastidiosa out of the EU as much as possible. Daylilies were and still are affected by this near ban as they may be host to Xylella.
Clearly, due to this near ban on importing daylilies into the EU I am unable to purchase new and sell contemporary cultivars.
As always, our offerings are based on my seeing the daylilies in flower and growing these plants on in our garden - we would like to reiterate - all the plants we offer are grown in our garden and are not just images on our web site. We try our utmost to only supply vegetatively propagated plants. You will understand that these plants are more expensive than the tissue cultured varieties of the same name that are being offered nowadays. BUT ... in exchange, you receive a division from the original plant!!! Please don't be disappointed when your new arrival doesn't exactly match our picture from the very beginning: daylilies often need 1 to 2 seasons after being replanted to fully settle in.
When perusing our online catalogue you will see that - all things being equal - our prices are on a par with other retailers in Europe. However, should you find that - for vegetatively propagated varieties - there is a considerable difference in price please inform us and we will try to adapt our prices. With reference to our newest varieties, prices will be on application, please feel free to contact us at any time.
All prices are unit prices in EUR. We do ship plants all over Europe and will charge you for carriage paid only.
Once we confirm your order it is final for us. As a strict rule, all orders are to be prepaid, unless otherwise agreed upon.
As a general rule, we will send you single fans for the newer varieties and double, or better, fans for the older varieties.
Finally, for their unselfish help with the translations, we are grateful to:
- Mary & Ted Czaicki (English)
- Nicole Castaing & Jean-Paul Chanel (French)
- Horst Weihrauch & Christel Woelker (German)
- Anna Rubinina (Russian)
Enjoy !!!